Buddha Crystle Chip Earrings

Buddha Crystle Chip Earrings

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Amethyst - Awakener of the third eye. Develops intuition and awareness. Facilitate meditation, calming and tranquility.

Carnelian - Enhances creativity and sexuality. Recycles past life experiences. Speeds up a lot of karma. 

Citrine - Stone of success, money, abundance, prosperity. Raises self-esteem. Good luck for business project. 

Crystal - Provides clarity of mind and thoughts. Raises one’s vibration, balances auric field. Initiates meditation state of mind. 

Peridot - initiate healing into the physical body. Releases emotional tension, balance endocrine symptom,  rejuvenates.

Black Tourmaline - The ultimate protection and grounding stone. Helps on focusing and strengthening body and spirit 

Malachite - Solar Plexus purger. Release suppressed emotions, facilitate insight. 

Apophyllite - Facilitates attunement to one’s body as well to the higher dimensional lifeforms. 

Smokey Quartz - Healing and Magic. Protects against bad energies, enhance energy flow. Increases creativity and intuition. Helps turn depression and pessimistic thought into joy and optimism.

Chakra Chip - Healing with all seven chakras naturally activating frequencies to balance and amplify the energy of the chakras.